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Rudolf Husar

Since 1979, Professor Husar has been the director of the Center for Air Pollution Impact and Trend Analysis at Washington University. He has been a professor at Washington University since 1973 following his Post-Doctoral Fellowship at California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

Professor Husar has been a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 1998, member of four Committees of the US National Academy of Sciences and member of EPA' Clean Air Science Advisory Committees. He is also listed in the 17th Edition of American Man and Woman of Science. Professor Husar is an Associate Editor for Atmospheric Systems, The Scientific World, member of the Editorial Board for Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. He was an Executive Editor of Atmospheric Environment and a member of editorial boards for Aerosol Science and Technology from 1984 to 1989 and Environmental Science and Technology from 1981 to 1983.
Professor Husar's current research is split between Environmental Informatics (EI) and Atmospheric Science. The goal of EI is to improve environmental management by better use of information. In particular, EI is to aid the delivery of 'actionable' knowledge used in environmental decision making. EI applies information science, engineering and technology to the detection, assessment and solution of environmental problems. His activities in atmospheric science include Global-Scale Air Pollution; Satellite Detection of Aerosols and Gases as well as Real-Time Air Pollution Monitoring and Analysis, which applies EI to collaborative air quality analysis.
Selected Publications

The National Ambient Air Monitoring Strategy: Rethinking the Role of National Networks. R. D. Scheffe, P. A. Solomon, R.B. Rudolf Husar. J. Air & Waste Manage. Assoc. 2009.

DataFed: An Architecture for Federating Atmospheric Data for GEOSS. Husar, R.B.;   Hoijarvi, K.;   Falke, S.R.;   Robinson, E.M.;   Percivall, G.S. Systems Journal, IEEE, 2008.

Selected Research
Title: NASA & NAAPS Products for AQ Decision Making
Role: Principal Investigator
Sponsor: NASA
Title: Multisensory Data Integration
Role: Principal Investigator
Sponsor: MAGEEP
Title: Air Quality Data Community Catalog
Role: Principal Investigator
Sponsor: Earth Science Information Partners
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Office Brauer Hall, Room 3025
Phone (314) 935-6054
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Email rhusar@wustl.edu
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PhD, University of Minnesota, 1971
Dipl. Ing., Tech. University, Berlin 1966
University of Zagreb, 1962
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