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Graduate Admissions

Application Deadlines

Deadline for PhD applicants
The deadline for all PhD applicants for the fall semester is January 15. The School of Engineering & Applied Science rarely admits new PhD applicants for the spring semester. Each academic department will make its own decision whether to review PhD spring applicants only for a spring admission or to review them along with the fall applicant pool. Please remember departments rarely admit students in the spring semester.

Deadline for master's applicants
Master's applicants are reviewed and admitted on a rolling basis for the fall and spring semesters. Some departments will admit master's applicants for the summer. Please check with the academic department directly if you are interested in the summer semester. You will be notified as soon as a decision is made on your application.

Deadline for international master's applicants
International master's applicants should apply by April 1 for the fall semester and October 15 for the spring semester to allow sufficient time to process the visa paperwork if admitted.

Financial Aid

Financial aid for PhD applicants
All full-time PhD applications are reviewed for full financial support. Most offers of financial support are renewed annually as long as the student is making satisfactory progress toward completion of the degree.

Financial aid for master's applicants
Financial aid offers are rarely made to master's applicants. Master's applicants are expected to be self-supporting and are not eligible for teaching or research assistantships. U.S. citizens and permanent residents may be eligible for loans.

Contacting faculty for support
Please do not contact faculty requesting to be supported for your graduate studies. The School of Engineering & Applied Science admission committees are very diligent about the appropriate faculty reviewing applications to match the research interests of the faculty with applicants sharing those interests.

Financial Certification (International Students)

Amount to be certified
This is subject to change for each academic year.

Download the Declaration and Certification of Finances Form. Along with completing this form, an accepted applicant will need to provide an official bank statement showing sufficient funds available to cover the academic year amount. If the funds are in an account held by your sponsor, then a letter from the sponsor stating that they are willing to provide you with a minimum of the academic year amount is also needed. If you are being sponsored by a corporation or government agency, the sponsorship letter should include the amounts that you will be provided.

When to submit financial certification
Since all full-time doctoral applications are reviewed for full financial support, you do not need to submit your financial documentation at the time you apply. Master's applicants are rarely offered financial aid, so applicants applying for master's study should submit their financial documentation when they receive their offer of admission.

General Items

Application fee
The application fee is $75. Application fee waivers are only for current WUSTL students or staff.

Accepting international applicants
Washington University School of Engineering & Applied Science always welcomes international applicants to apply for graduate programs. The admissions policy is to admit the best applicants, and we do not use any quota systems.

Applying to multiple departments
Applicants are welcome to apply to multiple departments, but you must submit a complete application package to all departments (including a second application fee).

Washington University in St. Louis is a member of and accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Reapplying if not offered admission
If you were not offered admission, you are welcome to apply again, but you will need to submit a new application as well as the necessary supporting documents.

Department review from PhD to master's
All department admission committees, when reviewing PhD applications, have the option to offer the applicant a master's admission instead of a PhD admission. The master's admission offer rarely will include financial aid.

Graduate Student Cost Estimate

The recommended course load for a student during his or her first year of study is 9-12 units per semester. The amount listed is a guide for graduate students of expenses per academic year. This is also the minimum amount needed for financial certification by international students for student visas.


Tuition ($22,850/semester) $45,700
Living Expenses (including books and supplies) $20,200
Fulltime Graduate Student Activity Fee $20
Student Health Fees $1,710
TOTAL * $67,630
* Above totals do not include tuition for the three-month summer period. Students who plan to be in-country during this period should include an additional $1838 per unit for course work in the School of Engineering & Applied Science. The budget outlined above covers only minimal essential expenditures. Items such as clothing, recreation and incidental are variables, and the cost of travel outside St. Louis is not included.
If you plan on having your spouse or dependents accompany you while studying, you will need to certify additional money in the below amounts:
Spouse $8,600
Each Child $4,800
Initial Expenses for Non-Dormitory Residents:
First month's rent and rental deposit $500 - $2,000
Utility and phone deposits $150 - $300
Household furnishing $300 - $1,800


Number of recommendations
Applicants should have three letters of recommendations submitted online via ApplyYourself.

Please enter the email address of your recommender in your application. When you click on save, a request for your recommendation will go out automatically to your recommender. When the recommender submits their recommendation, your application will be automatically updated.

Paper recommendations
The School of Engineering & Applied Science does not accept paper recommendations. All recommendations must be submitted through the application process, via ApplyYourself.

Who should be a recommender?
Prior to entering a recommender in your application, you should ask the recommender if they will be able to give you a recommendation and also inform them of the application deadline. Your recommenders should include faculty members, supervisors or work colleagues. Please do not use family, friends or other students.

Resending a request
If you need to resend a recommendation request, please log back into your application, via ApplyYourself. Go to the recommendation section, check the box by the recommender’s name and resend. Please remember to be respectful of your recommenders and give them time to respond before resending the request.

Supporting Documents & Official Transcripts

Please submit official transcripts for all undergraduate studies and graduate studies. These should come directly to the School of Engineering & Applied Science from the institution or in a sealed envelope from the institution.

Uploaded support documents
The application requests uploaded unofficial copies of transcripts and test scores. Failure to upload the required documents will cause your application to be considered incomplete and it will not be sent to the admission committees for review. The files size cannot exceed 1024 KB. If you receive an error message that your file is too large, please re-scan the document at a lower resolution.

Supporting documents status
Please log back into your application (via ApplyYourself) for a status of all the supporting documents that we have received.

Supporting documents needed

  • Application fee if applicant selected to pay by check
  • Three letters of recommendations (submit online via ApplyYourself)
  • Official transcripts of all undergraduate/graduate studies (unofficial copies of your transcripts are required to be submitted in the application and official copies will only be required if you are admitted). Electronic transcripts received directly from the institution or secure providers are acceptable.
  • GRE scores - required for all PhD applicants and recommended for full-time master's applicants (an unofficial copy should be uploaded in the application)
  • TOEFL/IELTS score - required for international applicants (an unofficial copy should be uploaded in the application)
  • Financial certification - required for international applicants not receiving financial aid
  • Statement of Purpose (upload with application via ApplyYourself)

File Ready for Review
As soon as we receive all the necessary supporting documents, the department will be notified that your application is complete. Your file will be reviewed with your uploaded transcripts and tests scores. Official transcripts and test score are only required if you are admitted. Any discrepancies from uploaded documents and official documents can result in an admission offer being rescinded.

Test Scores/GPA

Minimum test scores/GPA
Admission is based on the strength of the entire application package and not a single element such as test scores or GPA. Obtaining a specific score on the GRE/TOEFL/IELTS or a high GPA will not guarantee admission. We will not specify minimum scores.

GRE institution code
Please use 6172 as the institution code to report your GRE scores. Scores will come directly to the Washington University School of Engineering & Applied Science.

GRE departmental codes
Please use the following departmental codes:

Biomedical Engineering 1603
Computer Science & Engineering 0402
Electrical & Systems Engineering 1299
Energy Environmental & Chemical Engineering 1099
Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science 1502

TOEFL institution code
Please use 6929 as the institution code to report your TOEFL scores. The School of Engineering & Applied Science does not use department codes for TOEFL.

TOEFL/IELTS scores for international applicants currently in United States
If you are an international applicant currently studying in the United States, you may upload a copy of your previous TOEFL/IELTS score for evaluation purposes even if it can no longer be official reported. Please remember that based on the evaluation of your application package, we retain the right to require English testing upon arrival, if you are admitted, and based on those tests you may be required to take additional English classes. If you are recommended to take English classes, the cost of the courses will be the student's responsibility.

Uploading test scores
All PhD applicants are required to upload in their application a copy of their GRE scores and international applicants should upload a copy of their TOEFL/IELTS scores. These will be used for evaluation purposes. Please request the official scores be reported to Washington University in St. Louis. Please use institution code 6172 for GRE and 6929 for TOEFL.

Who needs to submit a GRE score?
All doctoral applicants are required to submit a GRE score. While GRE scores are not required for master's applicants, if you are considering pursuing a doctoral degree after your master's study or pursuing the master's degree as a full-time student, you should submit a GRE score. You are also encouraged to submit a GRE score if you think it would display potential to pursue graduate studies that is not reflected in other areas of your application.

Admissions Staff

  • Graduate Admissions
    Tom Evola
    Director of Graduate Admissions
    Lopata Hall, Room 303
    CB 1100
    1 Brookings Drive
    Saint Louis, MO 63130
    (314) 935-4577

Please send all supporting documents to:

  • Washington University in St. Louis School of Engineering & Applied Science
    Attention: Graduate Admissions
    1 Brookings Drive, CB 1100
    Lopata Hall, Room 303
    Saint Louis, MO 63130
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