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As technologies have enabled unprecedented positive advancements during the past two decades, the same technologies have created unexpected, and sometimes negative, opportunities. From computers that control our nation's utilities, transportation and financial systems to mobile devices, health-care records and military systems — the need for new holistic approaches to security has created one of the greatest engineering challenges of the 21st century.

Security Innovators

Though new technologies make our lives easier and give us more options, they also create more opportunities to threaten our security.

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Simulations enable wireless control for resilient civil infrastructure

School of Engineering & Applied Science researchers have developed a promising technology to control structures in the event of natural disasters.

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New master's degree in cyber security management launches

The School of Engineering & Applied Science, partnering with the Olin Business School, is launching a master's degree in cyber security management to provide the skills needed to prepare for and stop cyber attacks in the workplace.

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