Professional Education​

The School of Engineering & Applied Science interacts with more than 300 companies annually, mostly through professional education in the Henry Edwin Sever Institute and the Professional Education Technology & Leadership Center. As technology alters the business landscape at an unprecedented rate, the school's professional education programs meet the training and professional development needs of industries and individuals through innovative degree and non-degree programs. From short training courses and industry collaboration events to certificate and professional degree programs, the school equips technical professionals with the relevant skills needed to lead in a complex environment.​

Non-Degree Programs

Our non-degree programs provide professional development in skills critical to keeping an edge in the ever-more competitive marketplace. We offer more than 200 short courses and seminars, and industry collaboration opportunities, often attended by thousands of professionals from over 300 organizations in the St. Louis region.

Short courses, seminars and workshops in some of the following subject a​​​reas:​

  • Analytics
  • IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
  • Information Technology
  • Leadership & Professional Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Project Management
  • Security
  • Web Development

Industry Roundtables

Collaborate with other regional leaders and explore the latest trends and opportunities in your industry at one of the following:

​​Degree Programs

Our graduate degree programs prepare professionals for leadership roles in their organizations. Students are challenged to reach their full potential, work on real-world industry projects and engage with senior executives from the region's top companies, many of whom are alumni of our programs.

Master's & Graduate Certificate Programs in: