​Graduate Admissions Application Process


​​​​​Application Deadlines

PhD applicants

The deadline for all PhD applicants to submit their application for each fall semester is January 15. PhD applicants should not apply for spring semesters. The School of Engineering & Applied Science does not admit new PhD applicants for the spring semester unless specifically requested by faculty due to special circumstances. Departments will review all fall semester applicants in a timely manner and all admission decisions will be posted by March 15 of each year. An admitted applicant will have only until April 15 to accept the offer.

Master's applicants​


Fall Semester Entry
  • March 1 (for applicants applying to programs in Computer Science)
  • April 1 (for all programs except Computer Science)
Spring Semester Entry
  • August 1 (for applicants applying to programs in Computer Science)
  • October 1​ (for all programs except Computer Science)
Summer Semester Entry
  • April 30​ – special deadline for Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering
    (US citizens or Permanent Residents only; 12 month program begins June 1)


Part-time Master's applicants are reviewed and admitted on a rolling basis for both the fall and spring semesters. Some departments will also admit master's applicants for the summer. International students should not apply for part-time programs.

Financial Aid

PhD applicants

All full-time PhD applications are reviewed for full financial support. Most offers of financial support are renewed annually as long as the student is making satisfactory progress toward completion of the degree.

Chancellor's Graduate Fellowship (for engineering PhD diversity applicants)
Olin Fellowship (for engineering women PhD students)

Master's applicants

Master's applicants are expected to be self-supporting and are not eligible for teaching or research assistantships. U.S. citizens and permanent residents may be eligible for loans.

Financial Certification (International Students)

When an international master's applicant is notified of admittance, the applicant must send documentation proving sufficient funds are available. At the time of the admissions decision, the applicant is notified of the minimum amount to be certified for the year involved. The amount will be based on the annual tuition charges plus a very liberal cost-of-living figure, as well as an allocation for health insurance and student fees.

Master's applicants should be prepared to submit their financial documentation as soon as they receive their offer of admission, but it should not be submitted earlier than that time. PhD applicants do not need to submit financial documentation since all full-time PhD applications are reviewed for and typically receive full financial support/funding through the University.

Documentation needed to provide financial certification
(after being admitted)

Full-time international Master's students should download and complete the Declaration and Certification of Finances (DCOF) form available via Office for International Students and Scholars. Select and download the DCOF form appropriate to the duration of your program of study (there are forms for one year programs, two year programs, etc.). Along with completing this form, an accepted applicant will need to provide original financial certification (i.e., original bank documentation - signed and on official bank letterhead) showing sufficient funds are available to cover the first year's estimated costs for tuition, living expenses, insurance and other fees. The applicant's admission decision letter typically states the total minimum estimated annual cost for which funding and support must be fully documented.

If the documented funds are in an account held by anyone other than the applicant, then a letter from the sponsor stating that they are willing to provide financial support for the specified amount is also needed. If you are being sponsored by a corporation or government agency, the sponsorship letter should be very specific and include the amounts that you will be provided.

Application fee

The application fee is $75. When an applicant submits an application, the system requires the applicant to input payment by either credit card or a check by mail. Application fee waivers are granted for applicants indicating on the application that they are current WashU students or staff.

International Graduate Student Status

All international students (once admitted, and regardless of any specific visa status) must complete the Graduate Student Status Form.

Applying to multiple departments

Applicants are welcome to apply to multiple departments, but must submit a complete application package to each department accompanying each submission with an additional application fee. If you wish to do this, you must create a new/additional application account for each program of study.


Washington University in St. Louis is a member of and accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Master's program may be recommended for some PhD applicants

All department admission committees, when reviewing PhD applications, have the option to offer the applicant a master's admission instead of a PhD admission. The master's admission offer will not include financial aid.

Graduate Student Cost Estimate

Part-time Student Costs

Graduate students registering for fewer than 9 units are charged a per unit rate. Students in part-time programs who register for 9 or more units for a given semester will receive full-time status during that particular semester, and during that time period will be charged the flat-fee full-time semester tuition as documented below.

Note: International graduate students are not permitted to register for fewer than 9 units without special permission from the Office of International Students and Scholars.

Full-time Student Costs

Tuition costs are based on the number of course units for which a student is registered. The recommended course load for a full-time student is 9-12 units per semester. When a student takes 9 or more units, the system recognizes the graduate student as having full-time status for that semester and a flat-fee semester tuition charge applies as shown in the chart below. The amounts listed below provide an annual expense guide for full-time graduate students. The total amount shown represents the minimum amount needed by international students required to provide financial certification. Note that International graduate students are not permitted to register for fewer than 9 units without special permission from the Office of International Students and Scholars. Full-time domestic students choosing to take fewer than 9 units may do so, and will be viewed as having part-time status for that particular semester, being charged the per unit rate for courses. Questions regarding full-time versus part-time registration should be directed to the engineering school's registrars.

Per Unit Charges

View per-unit charges on the University's Student Accounting website.

Select the Tuition Rates option to see the most current semester tuition charges. Rate level 3 is for full-time status graduate engineering students; rate level 9 is for part-time status graduate engineering students.

Course Load & Expenses

Figures shown below represent amounts for the 2015-2016 school year; the next academic year's figures will be posted by the end of January each year.

EXPENSES - Current Annual Cost Estimate
(For full academic year when taking 9 or more units)
Flat-fee Tuition ($23,650/semester)
(for 2 semesters)
Estimated Living Expenses
(including books and supplies)
Fulltime Graduate Student Activity Fee$20
Full-time Student Health Fees$1,897
TOTAL *$70,417

* Figures above do not include optional summer session tuition. Students who plan to take courses during the summer should include additional amounts to cover the per unit charges. See online per unit charges and consult with your department for details.
Spouse & Dependent Estimates​
International students who will have their spouse or dependents accompany them while studying will need to certify that additional money is available in the amounts below:
Each Child$4,800
Estimated Graduate Housing Expenses
for Non-Dormitory Residents
(included in the estimated living expenses listed above):​
First month's rent and rental deposit$500 - $2,000
Utility and phone deposits$150 - $300
Household furnishing$300 - $1,800


Applicants should have three letters of recommendations submitted online via ApplyYourself.

Please enter the full name and email address of each recommender in your application. When you click save, an email request will be sent automatically to your recommendation provider. Inside the email request, your recommender will find a link to click on in order to submit a recommendation on your behalf. When the recommender submits their recommendation, your application will be automatically updated.

The School of Engineering & Applied Science does not accept paper recommendations, nor does it accept emailed recommendations. All recommendations must only be submitted through the application process, via ApplyYourself. Once you have completed your application and entered all names of your recommended providers, you can then submit your application (even though the actual recommendations may not yet be posted by the recommenders). The recommendations must be posted by the published deadline for final application submission.

Who should be a recommender?

Prior to entering a recommender in your application, you should ask the recommender if they will be able to give you a recommendation and inform them of the application deadline. Your recommenders should include faculty members, supervisors or work colleagues. Please do not use family, friends or other students.

Resending a request

If you need to resend a recommendation request, please log back into your application, via ApplyYourself. Go to the recommendation section, check the box by the recommender's name and resend.

Uploading Supporting Documents

For a checklist of required supporting documents, click h​​ere. For purposes of our initial review of your application, we require you to upload unofficial copies into your application. This is true for GRE/TOEFL/IELTS scores that you may be reporting, as well as transcripts. Students need to have the official information sent only after being admitted. Failure to upload unofficial copies of any required documents will cause your application to be considered incomplete and the application will not be released to the admission committee for review. In addition, applicants must upload their statement of purpose along with any other additional supporting information in the application section appropriately marked for additional information.

How to upload supporting documents

Applicants may create a PDF document in one of three ways:
  • A saved webpage
  • A captured screen image or screenshot
  • A scanned hard copy

For example, when uploading test scores, you do not need a hard copy paper report; you can log into your ETS account, view the report, and then save the webpage and upload the PDF image.

File size limitation & solution

The file size for any uploaded document cannot exceed 1024 KB. If you receive an error message that your file is too large, please re-scan the document at a lower resolution. If needed, you may divide the material into two parts, opting to upload the second half of the information into one of the additional information sections located beneath the statement of purpose section on the application. If you need to divide a very large document into two parts, it may be wise to annotate the last page of the first portion of the document, with a note indicating where the second segment of the document has been uploaded within the application.

Official Transcripts & Test Scores

Needed after being admitted

After being admitted, official transcripts need to be submitted for all undergraduate and graduate coursework previously taken. These original hardcopy transcripts should be sent directly to the School of Engineering & Applied Science from the source institution, or we can accept them from you upon your arrival to campus if received in a stamped and sealed institutional envelope. Any IELTS reports must be sent to us via hardcopy postal mail, upon the student's request to the testing service. For the official GRE and TOEFL score reports, the student should request that the electronic score reports be sent to Washington University in St. Louis (using School Code 6929 for TOEFL and 6172 for GRE reports).

Supporting documents status

After you submit your application you may return to your application account as many times as you like. You may find it helpful to log back into your application (via ApplyYourself) to periodically check the status of the supporting documents the University has received to-date throughout the process.

Requirements needed before application is reviewed:

Please refer to the Graduate Admissions Checklist for requirements needed before application should be submitted and reviewed.

File Ready for Review

As soon as we receive all the necessary supporting documents, the department will be notified that your application is complete. Your file will be reviewed with your uploaded unofficial transcripts and tests scores. Official transcripts and test score reports are only required after you are admitted. Any discrepancies between unofficial uploaded documents and official documents can result in an admission offer being rescinded.

Test Scores/GPA

Minimum test scores/GPA

Admission is based on the strength of the entire application package and not a single element such as test scores or GPA. Obtaining a specific score on the GRE/TOEFL/IELTS or a high GPA does not guarantee admission.

GRE institution code

The GRE school code for the School of Engineering & Applied Science at Washington University in St. Louis is 6172. Applicants use this code when asking the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to send the score reports electronically to the University. NOTE: The GRE school code is different than the TOEFL school code.

GRE departmental codes

When requesting the GRE score report to be sent to the University electronically, ETS also requires departmental codes. Applicants should specify the appropriate code below based on their general departmental area of study.

Biomedical Engineering1603
Computer Science & Engineering0402
Electrical & Systems Engineering1299
Energy Environmental & Chemical Engineering1099
Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science1502
Engineering - Other1699

TOEFL institution code

The TOEFL school code for the School of Engineering & Applied Science at Washington University in St. Louis is 6929. Applicants use this code when asking the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to send the score reports electronically to the University. The TOEFL school code is different than the GRE school code.

TOEFL/IELTS scores for international applicants currently in United States

If you are an international applicant currently studying in the United States, you may upload a copy of your previous TOEFL/IELTS score for evaluation purposes even if it can no longer be official reported. Please remember that based on the evaluation of your application package, we retain the right to require English testing upon arrival, if you are admitted, and based on those tests you may be required to take additional English classes. If you are recommended to take English classes, the cost of the courses will be the student's responsibility.

Graduate Admissions Staff

Tom Evola
Director of Graduate Admissions
(314) 935-4577

Erin Smith
Graduate Admissions Processing & Database Administrator
(314) 935-7974

Admitted students should send all supporting documents to:

WashU School of Engineering & Applied Science
Attention: Graduate Admissions
1 Brookings Drive, CB 1100
Lopata Hall, Room 303
St. Louis, MO 63130