​Undergraduate Admissions​

​Washington University's engineering students understand the connection between studying engineering and benefiting society, and they are innovative thinkers who want to use their quantitative and analytical skills to solve problems. In recent years, engineering has become a universal degree for those who enjoy and are successful in math and science, independent of what career path they ultimately choose. 

So, to prepare the next generation of engineers and leaders, the school's faculty developed a set of hallmarks that has come to characterize the WUSTL undergraduate engineering experience:​

  • Educating students to be innovative with their quantitative and analytical skills and be able to adapt to change

  • Promoting lifelong learning

  • Preparing students for citizenship in a global society

  • Preparing students for leadership roles

  • Educating students so they are prepared to enter programs of graduate study in engineering, medicine, law, business, and policy or to become professional engineers

Most candidates' transcripts include:

  • four years of English
  • four years of mathematics (the School of Engineering & Applied Science recommends calculus)
  • three to four years of history and social science
  • three to four years of laboratory science (the School of Engineering & Applied Science recommends biology, chemistry and physics)
  • at least two years of a foreign language

Senior-year transcript should show strong academic success in demanding courses. Most applicants take advantage of honors, advanced placement and international baccalaureate courses - if offered by their high schools. We also take into consideration standardized testing, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities and an essay.