A memorial tribute & celebration of the life of Wesley A. Clark

May 6, 2016
4:00 PM
Green Hall, Second Floor Collaboration Space

Wes was a pioneering architect of many important computers characterized by their interactive nature including: the first computer with a ferrite-core memory, the first all-transistorized computer, the first computer with a million-bit memory, and the first personal computer. Wes came to Washington University from MIT in 1964, bringing with him many of the computer engineers who were on his team that had developed the LINC, the laboratory instrument computer that revolutionized biomedical research. Wes then led the team in the construction of "macromodules," a set of computer building blocks that laid the foundations for asynchronous computation. Wes left Washington University in 1972 to return to the East Coast. He passed away at his home in Brooklyn, NY, on the 22nd of February 2016, and is survived by his wife Maxine L. Rockoff, sons Douglas, Brian and Peter, daughter Alison, sister Joan Murphy, and five grandchildren.

Organizer / Host: Claire Byrne, (314) 935-5419