ACS Program-in-a-Box: Exploring the Chemistry of Rocks & Minerals

Oct 24, 2017
6 p.m.

We are surrounded by rocks and minerals everywhere... in the ground we walk on, the places we work and live, and even in the food we eat. How are chemists experimenting with these fundamental materials to help the world and make our lives better?

As a part of National Chemistry Week, the American Chemical Society (the largest scientific society in the world) will offer a Program-in-a-Box™ which will stimulate science discussions matched with activities that demonstrate how chemistry is applied in everyday life. Through this program, the participants will have the opportunity to network with early career chemists across the world on social media, participate in discussion and activities, and ask questions live to the experts regarding the amazing work that is being done in rock and mineral science.

Professor Young-Shin Jun in the Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis will discuss the seldom considered topics of how minerals are closely involved in our everyday life. In particular, it will highlight grand challenges and opportunities at the energy-water-food nexus.

Final recording (Professor Young-Shin Jun at 12 minutes.

Organizer / Host: Young-Shin Jun,