AGES (Association of Graduate Engineering Students) Float Trip

Jul 23, 2016
8 a.m.
6 p.m.
Meramec State Park

We'll be hopping on rafts and floating down the Meramec River, enjoying food, refreshments, and the nice sunny weather. This is a favorite AGES event for many engineers, so we hope you can join us! The final day to sign up is Wednesday, July 13. You'll need to track down one of the AGES officers in person to reserve your spot on the float trip.

When you sign up, bring your $20 and tell the AGES officer your name, email, and if you're willing to drive people to Meramec. All drivers will receive $15 for gas at the end of the trip! If you are signing up your friends to go on the float trip with you, you'll need to have money for them, as well as their names and contact info. We will not be holding spots for people who haven't paid yet.

Organizer / Host: AGES Officers,