Seminar: Advanced Light Control on Integrated Silicon Photonics Platform

Jun 29, 2018
11 a.m
Green 0120
Silicon photonics is quickly emerging as a vital technology for enabling the increased speed and volume in data exchange as required by telecommunication (5G) and data centers. It provides an economical solution to leverage the unique properties of optical communications, including transmission of high-speed data while maintaining low power consumption, between computer chips and racks within servers, supercomputers, and large datac enters for cloud service, in order to alleviate the limitations of congested data traffic produced by contemporary interconnect technologies. Meanwhile, production of silicon photonics with CMOS compatibility enables the large-scale, low-cost manufacturing of functional Si photonic devices for these high-speed data communications as well as large scale sensor network deployment.

Bo Peng will present recent research on fundamental studies and new applications explored on silicon photonics platform, with the development of various unique devices to enable advanced light control. He will discuss the exploration of CMOS integrated monolithic nanophotonics devices for short-reach optic interconnects and highly efficient optical I/Os, the on-chip microresonator design for light manipulation and optical isolation, lasing and dissipation control, optomechanics interaction, as well as different integrated sensor development with ultra-high sensitivity.