BME Seminar: Yonggang Shi

Jan 31, 2019
10:00 AM* special start time
Room 012, Brauer Hall

Yonggang Shi, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Southern California

Neuro Image Computing Research for Translational Brain Mapping and Beyond


In this talk, I will present research projects from the Neuro Image Computing Research (NICR)-Group at the Stevens Neuroimaging and Informatics Institute at USC. Our research efforts can be categorized into two main directions: 1. development of mathematical image analysis algorithms for multimodal imaging data; 2. application of these novel computational techniques to translational brain mapping and other medical imaging projects. In the first direction, we have developed various intrinsic shape analysis algorithms and brain connectome modeling techniques. In the second direction, we collaborate with researchers across disciplines on many translational imaging projects. After the presentation of a few representative algorithms, I will show their applications in multiple NIH-funded projects including the development of retinal vascular imaging makers, low vision connectomes, and brainstem connectomes related to Alzheimer's disease. Finally, future directions about a few exciting imaging projects will be discussed.