CBAC Seminar: “Membrane-mediated Alterations in Cardiac Bioenergetics, Electrophysiology & Signaling”

Nov 27, 2017
5:15 p.m.
Whitaker Hall, Room 218

Richard Gross’s research is focused on the chemical biology of member in health and disease. Biologic membranes are comprised of a structurally diverse array of thousands of distinct chemical entities in a bilayer configuration that are in constant motion providing a rich repertoire of chemical forces that can be used to modulate the conformation and function of transmembrane proteins such as ion channels and ion pumps. Through adaptation of a bilayer structure membranes serve as a hydrophobic scaffold for the organization of complex supramolecular chemical assemblies that are used in biologic systems as signaling platforms.

Refreshments will be served.

NOTE: Parking is not available outside of Whitaker Hall due to the Danforth East Campus construction. From the Medical School campus, take the blue line Shrewsbury Landsdowne I-44 train to Skinker (two stops). Nearest metrolink stop is Skinker. Enter through the doors at Green Hall. Go to the second floor of Green Hall and walk through Brauer Hall and Whitaker Hall, Room 218 is at the end of Whitaker Hall on the left of the library conference room.

Organizer / Host: Huyen (Gwen) Nguyen,