CBAC Seminar: “Longer Lasting Torsade de Pointes Arrhythmias Require Reentry for its Maintenance in the CAVB Dog Model”

May 8, 2017
4:30 p.m.
Whitaker Hall, Room 318

Marc A. Vos, Professor & Chair of Medical Physiology, Manager Research & Education Division Heart & Lungs , University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands will present.

Dr. Vos’ research aims to understand arrhythmia mechanisms in the setting of congestive heart failure. Lengthening of repolarization (acquired long QT syndrome) is a typical feature of the remodeled heart and strongly increases the propensity for Torsade de Pointes arrhythmias. Using animal studies, cellular electrophysiology, pharmacological approaches and molecular biology, his group investigates the pathways responsible for arrhythmogenic remodeling with the hope of improving therapy. As chair of the Cardiovascular diseases research program at University Medical Center Utrecht, Dr. Vos coordinates efforts to treat heart failure and cardiac arrhythmias with heart transplantation or assist devices.

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Coffee & Dessert refreshments will be served.

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