CBAC Seminar: "Scorpions, Snakes, Insecticides & Coffee: Insights in the Genesis of Calcium-Dependent Arrhythmias"

Oct 31, 2016
4:30 p.m.
Whitaker Hall, Room 218

Héctor H. Valdivia, from University of Michigan, will present “Scorpions, Snakes, Insecticides and Coffee: Insights into the Genesis of Calcium-Dependent Arrhythmias"

Dr. Valdivia’s research interests lie in the field of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology and Pharmacology. The long-term goal of his laboratory is to elucidate the molecular and cellular mechanisms that control the heart beat in normal and pathological settings. His lab is presently focused on determining the role of Ca2+ release channels/ryanodine receptors (RyR) of sarcoplasmic reticulum in excitation-contraction (e-c) coupling of the heart in health and disease.

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