CSE Colloquia Series: Gabriel Parmer

Oct 28, 2016
11 a.m.
Lopata Hall, Room 101

Integrating Time Into System Design

Gabriel Parmer

Associate Professor

The George Washington University


Time has been one of the primary focuses of embedded and cyber-physical systems. These systems must interact with the physical world and abide by its timing. In this vein, our research into the Composite component-based OS have explored predictable, real-time constraints while handling system-level recovery from faults, increased security, parallel programming, and new virtualization architectures. However, using real-time computation as a facility for broader system design rather than only as a correctness criteria is a promising direction.

In this talk, I'll discuss how the predictable, real-time facilities of the Composite system have been leveraged to provide benefits in other domains: scalable, parallel processing, and the implementation of rack-scale systems. I'll touch on other domains where the integration of time promises to have a great impact.


Gabriel Parmer is an Associate Professor at The George Washington University in Washington DC. His research focuses on bringing scalability, dependability, and security to embedded/IoT systems, and predictable latency guarantees to large-scale systems. Toward this, his group has researched and developed the Composite component-based OS for over ten years. This research had produced many publications, multiple best-paper awards, and the NSF CAREER award.