CSE Colloquia Series: Hui Lei

Oct 27, 2017
11 a.m.
Lopata Hall, Room 101

IBM Watson for Smart Healthcare

Hui Lei


Watson Health Cloud



In 2011, the IBM Watson system participated in the TV quiz show Jeopardy!, and outperformed the two biggest champions in the show's history. The Watson system marked the inception of the cognitive computing era. Instead of being explicitly programmed, cognitive computing systems learn from human knowledge and from their interactions with the environment, and they reason with a purpose. Since the Jeopardy! game, Watson has been put in use to solve real-world problems. It has tackled increasingly complex data sets and has significantly developed its understanding, reasoning and learning capabilities. One of the first domains Watson was involved in is global health. Specifically, the Watson Health Cloud combines Watson cognitive capabilities and health big data, in order to democratize health knowledge and access to tools and information, and to help people lead healthier and more productive lives.

In this talk, we will first give an introduction to IBM Watson and cognitive computing. We will then present the Watson Health Cloud and its main building blocks: data, analytics, and solutions. We will share our experience with the Watson Health Cloud, and discuss how it helps address many clinical, societal, and economic issues faced by the health industry.


Dr. Hui Lei is Chief Technology Officer of IBM Watson Health Cloud, an IBM Distinguished Engineer, and an IBM Master Inventor. Previously he was Senior Manager, Cloud Platform Technologies at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, and led IBM's worldwide research strategies in cloud infrastructure services and cloud managed services. His technical interests include mobile and pervasive computing, cloud computing, big data, and enterprise computing. His technical vision and creative contributions have impacted many commercial software products and services, and have resulted in over 70 patents. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, and a past Chair of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Business Informatics and Systems. He has taken part in many international conferences as a steering committee chair, general chair, technical program chair, or keynote speaker. He was recognized with an IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award in 2017 and an IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Service Award in 2014. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Columbia University.