CSE Doctoral Dissertation Defense: Abby Stylianou

Nov 19, 2018
3 p.m.
5 p.m.
Jolley Hall, Room 309

"Learning about Large Scale Image Search: Lessons from Global Scale Hotel Recognition to Fight Sex Trafficking"

Abby Stylianou
Advisers: Sanmay Das and Robert Pless

Hotel recognition is a sub-domain of scene recognition that involves determining what hotel is seen in a photograph taken in a hotel. The hotel recognition task is a challenging computer vision task due to the properties of hotel rooms, including low visual similarity between rooms in the same hotel and high visual similarity between rooms in different hotels, particularly those from the same chain. Building accurate approaches for hotel recognition is important to investigations of human trafficking. Images of human trafficking victims are often shared by traffickers among criminal networks and posted in online advertisements. These images are often taken in hotels. Using hotel recognition approaches to determine the hotel a victim was photographed in can assist in investigations and prosecutions of human traffickers.