CSE Proposal Defense: Abby Stylianou

Aug 8, 2018
3 p.m.
5 p.m.
Jolley 309

"Image Similarity Tools to Combat Human Trafficking"

Abby Stylianou
Advisers: Sanmay Das and Robert Pless

Images often play a significant role in investigations of human trafficking. Traffickers share photographs of their victims among criminal networks and post them in online advertisements. Such images often contain clues as to the location where the image was captured. In the course of a criminal investigation, determining where a victim was photographed can be useful to, for example, learn if the victim was moved across state lines or if particular locations serve as "hot spots'' where victims might be trafficked again. Much of this photographic evidence is captured in hotel rooms. The focus on this proposal will be on the novel datasets, algorithms and systems we have built to support determining where these photographs were taken.