EECE Seminar - Dr. Arden Pope

Nov 22, 2019
11:00 a.m.
12:00 p.m.
Whitaker Hall Auditorium

Arden Pope, PhD
Mary Lou Fulton Professor
Department of Economics
Brighman Young University

Air Pollution and Health: Top Ten Scientific and Public Policy Controversies

ABSTRACT: Almost unbelievably, it is estimated that air pollution is the 5th largest risk factor contributing to global burden of disease. Breathing fine particulate air pollution contributes to cardiopulmonary disease and mortality. Short-term exposure exacerbates existing cardiovascular and pulmonary disease and increases the risk of becoming symptomatic, requiring medical attention, or even dying. Long-term repeated exposures contribute to both the initiation and progression of chronic pulmonary and cardiovascular disease. Recent research has attempted to evaluate potential mechanistic pathways that link exposure to particulate air pollution and cardiopulmonary disease and mortality. This presentation will review, the top ten scientific and public policy controversies pertaining to the health effects of air pollution.

BIO: C. Arden Pope, III is the Mary Lou Fulton Professor of Economics at Brigham Young University. He has a PhD from Iowa State University, was a Fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health and an Honorary Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians. He has conducted or collaborated on key studies of the health effects of air pollution for nearly 30 years.

This EECE seminar is part of Global Health Week and helped organized by the Global Health Centre at the Institute for Public Health and its Global Health Student Advisory Committee.