EECE Seminar: "Challenges and Pathways to Large-Scale CCS Deployment"

Mar 10, 2017
11 a.m.
Brauer Hall, Room 12

Mr. John Thompson, Director of the Fossil Transition Project, Clean Air Task Force, will present.

ABSTRACT: Preventing climate change is a daunting challenge. The Energy Information Agency estimates that global CO2 emissions must fall 50% by 2050, including a near de-carbonization of the electric sector. Complicating matters, global energy consumption could rise by almost one third during this period. A wide range of zero carbon technologies will be needed to address climate change, but carbon capture and storage (CCS) is especially important. CCS can reduce emissions by as much as 90% from diverse sources ranging from gas -fired power plants to refineries to steel mills. It works on both new and existing plants, and can clean the emissions from any carbon containing fuel. But CCS is not widely used today. How can the technology reach a climate-relevant scale? This presentation will describe the economic, technical and political challenges facing CCS. It will focus on policies being developed in both China and the United States to drive CCS adoption and overcome these barriers.

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