EECE Seminar - Dr. Yi Wang

Jan 31
11:00 AM
12:00 PM
Brauer Hall, room 12

Dr. Yi Wang, Assistant Professor
Department of Biosystems Engineering
Auburn University

Towards Energy, Environment and Health Nexus: Understanding and Manipulating Biolociagl Systems using Biomolecular Engineering and Synthetic Biology Approaches

Abstract: Today, the exhaustion of natural resources and increasing severity of environmental problems are becoming major concerns to the sustainable survival of human beings. While we try to obtain adequate and high quality food, energy and water from the environment, how to utilize the natural resources without deteriorating the environment, or how to enhance the environment while sustainably use the renewable resources are challenging questions for all human beings. Biomolecular engineering and synthetic biology with the emerging engineering tools provide the potential solutions to address such challenges that our society is facing today. This presentation will share the research efforts in Dr. Yi Wang's lab of achieving the Nexus of Energy (harvesting bioenergy from renewable resources), Environment (waste treatment, resource recovery, and bioconfinement of recombinant microorganisms during bioremediation), and Health (elucidating pathogenesis of human/environmental pathogens and pathogen control), using systematic biomolecular engineering and synthetic biology approaches.