ESE Seminar: "Imaging at Relativistic Speeds; The New Space Between Sensing and Imaging"

Feb 9, 2017
10 a.m.
Green Hall, Room 0120

Faculty candidate, Barmak Heshmat, PhD Research Scientist, Department of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT, will present.

Abstract: Recent advances in photonic devices have enabled a diverse set of ultrafast imaging systems. These systems are crucial for studying photochemistry and photophysics of fast phenomena. However recently, ultrafast imaging and time-of-flight imaging are pushing at the forefront of sensing in nonconventional geometries (e.g. imaging through scattering and beyond occlusion). My talk will cover some of the most recent breakthroughs in ultrafast imaging systems, components, and methodologies. These breakthroughs enable exotic imaging modalities that can scan through closed books page by page, see around the corner and sense through large number of random probes, thus, enabling a wide range of industrial and scientific applications.