IDEA Labs Info Session

Sep 7, 2016
5 p.m.
Simon Hall, Room 112
IDEA Labs, WashU's own student-run biotechnology incubator, brings together students from across all WashU campuses around vetted clinical problems from the physicians, surgeons, nurses, and residents at Barnes Jewish Hospital. We form interdisciplinary teams that embark on a 9-10 month problem-solving curriculum by which they design a clinical solution to address a real, pressing healthcare problem.

We're looking for talented students, whether or not you have any medical, design, or engineering background. We need people with fresh ideas, and a new perspective on medicine. Through IDEA Labs, you can get real experience in medical entrepreneurship, work on and lead multidisciplinary teams, learn how to do prototyping, clinical need, and market analysis, and potentially start your own business. IDEA Labs lets you solve a clinical problem immediately affecting human lives, and lets you see it all the way from prototyping to actual clinical use.

Applications are due September 9.

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Organizer / Host: Ramin Lalezari,