Seminar: Co-clinical quantitative imaging of response to therapy in TNBC

Sep 7, 2018
8:40 AM
9:30 AM
Green Hall, Room 0120


Quantitative imaging (QI) is central in providing clinically relevant information about a tumor’s biology and its microenvironment. Through ongoing efforts, we are acquiring simultaneous PET and MR images, both preclinically and clinically, in a context of a co-clinical trial to predict response to therapy. Patient derived tumor xenografts (PDX) are generated from patient’s tumors and undergo a parallel trial as the patient. The goal of the imaging efforts is to develop advanced image analytics pipelines combined with multi-scale biological data (genomics, pathology, etc.) to predict response to therapy. The effort involves interaction with a multi-disciplinary team of investigators spanning the domains of preclinical and clinical PET and MR imaging, imaging informatics, imaging physics, artificial intelligence/machine learning, oncology, and animal modeling. Progress to date will be discusses along with research opportunities.