Nature Conference: Topological Photonics – From Concepts to Devices

Nov 12, 2018
Charles F. Knight Executive Education & Conference Center, Danforth Campus

Washington University in St. Louis School of Engineering & Applied Science and Nature Communications present:
Topological Photonics – From Concepts to Devices

November 11-13, 2018

Overview: Drawing on Nobel-Prize winning concepts from condensed matter physics, topological photonics has recently grown into a field of its own right. More than a mere scientific curiosity to be explored because it's there, it promises to find use in scattering-free and non-reciprocal devices and, especially when combined with non-Hermitian photonics, in microscopic lasers. This conference will review how the concepts of topological matter have been translated to optical systems and will explore the application potential topological photonics holds for future integrated devices.

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Organizer / Host: Professor Lan Yang