New Partners For Smart Growth Conference for Graduate Students

Feb 2, 2017
Saint Louis Marriott Grand Hotel

The Local Government Commission would like to engage graduate students at the Washington University in St. Louis at the 16th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference, February 2-4, 2017 in St. Louis. We are providing opportunities for students to volunteer during the 3-day conference in lieu of paying a registration fee. We have worked with colleges and universities in each city/region this event has previously been held to provide this opportunity to grad students (and sometimes under-graduates studying the same issues) who would like to attend the event but would otherwise not be able to afford to. We usually get far more people interested in volunteering than we have a need for, but we give first priority to students when it comes to securing volunteers for the conference.

Many students tell us that being involved in the conference provides them a fantastic opportunity to not only learn about cutting edge smart growth topics, but also the opportunity to network with potential future employers (private firms, nonprofits, local government agencies, etc.) in their field of study/interest.

More information is available via the Liberman Graduate Center website.