WashU ProSPER Event: Saint Louis Science Center Tour

Apr 1, 2016
1:45 PM (Depart WashU)
5 PM (Arrive at WashU)
Saint Louis Science Center

ProSPER has organized an exclusive opportunity for ProSPER members and WU graduate and professional students. Join us for an on-site tour of the Saint Louis Science Center and career panel with SLSC directors, including STEM content director Cindy Encarnacion, PhD. The panel will discuss strategies to engage all visitors and the psychology used to evaluate the effectiveness of exhibits. This will be followed by an open Q&A session between the ProSPER tour group and panelists. Topics will be flexible and will depend on the interests of attendees. The site tour will follow the panel, and we will conclude with entrance to a feature of your choice! Choose from an Omnimax film, Planetarium show, or entrance to the Above and Beyond special exhibition (NASA).

Registration is required for this event.

All WashU graduate and professional students are welcome to attend. Attendance is capped at 40 people, so sign-up today! Once your registration is received, you will receive additional information on the background of the panelists.

Organizer / Host: prosper@wustl.edu