Seminar: RF Sensing: Improved Context for Future Cyber-Physical Systems

Jun 8, 2018
11:00 AM
Green 0120

Dr. Patwariwill describe research in radio frequency (RF) sensing, the use of low cost commercial radio transceivers to sense the state of the environment, to locate people and other radio devices, to remotely monitor vital signs, to perform frequency and time synchronization, and to sense the spectrum. RF sensing has important features which make it a good fit to enabling future "smart" buildings and internet-of-things networks, and generally for automated systems which must be both self-aware and aware of the humans with whom they interact. This talk presents his team's work to develop a new low-cost platform for RF sensing designed to achieve high accuracy but using orders-of-magnitude lower bandwidth than existing platforms. He will also describe and address some particular estimation problems which arise in RF sensing systems. The talk will conclude by describing future educational and research challenges in this area.