Ryckman Lecture

Nov 18, 2016
3 p.m.
Whitaker Hall Auditorium​

Chaitan Khosla
Wells H. Rauser and Harold M. Petiprin Professor in the School of Engineering; Professor of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and Biochemistry
Stanford University

Lecture: 3 p.m. Whitaker Hall Auditorium
Reception to follow Brauer Hall, 2nd floor lobby

Talk Title — “Assembly Line Biosynthesis of Polyketide Antibiotics”

Abstract: Many complex natural products are synthesized by multi-enzyme systems that operate as assembly lines. Their apparently modular architecture has opened the door to biosynthetic engineering of new natural products by rationally manipulating the DNA encoding these megasynthases. Understanding the structures and mechanisms of these assembly lines represents a challenging and exciting frontier in multifunctional catalysis.

Organizer / Host: Kara Dix, 314-935-5645 or krdix@wustl.edu