Vertgio Meeting

Sep 21, 2016
9 p.m.
10 p.m.
Simon Hall, Room 023

Are you interested in getting involved with the big dance that will be taking place in Lopata Gallery in November?

Whether you want to have fun with your friends through the setup process and/or want to add leadership roles to boost your resume, we hope that you come out and run for a sub-chair position! Vertigo meetings will happen every other week, starting this week and alternating with EnCouncil general body meetings.

Available Sub-chair Positions

  • Decorations - helps to plan the artwork based on our theme that we will be drawing in Lopata Gallery

  • Publicity - designs the underpass advertisement and flyers, also keeps up with Facebook publicity for the event

  • Security - typically an an upperclassman who will get to work alongside WUPD during the event

  • Security Sub-Sub - is the Security sub-chair's partner in crime, learning the ropes in hopes of being able to be Security sub-chair the following year

  • Food - deals with the food for the event

  • Sound and Power - amongst other things, arranges for the delivery of the light up dancefloor

  • Tasty Bev - reserved for individuals 21 or older

  • Clean-Up - is in charge of the cleaning process early in the morning after the event

  • Facilities - arranges for the delivery of facilities to the venue

  • Build - is in charge of a wooden sculpture that goes on the lawn in front of the Women's Building to advertise the event