ESE 205 Demo and Poster Session

Apr 26, 2019
2:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
Lopata Hall

Join the ESE 205 class for their Demonstration and Poster session. Projects include:

  • BusyBear: A system that estimates the number of people in a given space based upon wireless internet activity
  • Cocktail Maker: An arduino based drink mixing system
  • Headband Helper: A concussion detector for athletes
  • Hoverbear: A small autonomous drone hovercraft
  • Laser Harp: A musical instrument using lasers as "strings"
  • Nest Model: A web controlled "smart outlet" for use in home automation
  • Smarter Blinds: An electronic blind that can be user controlled or controlled by temperature or luminosity
  • Smarter Door: A facial recognition system to be used with entry doors
  • Social Network Matchmaking: A dating app that makes use of social connections that exist between users