Brendan Juba

Jolley Hall, Room 508

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010
MS, Carnegie Mellon, 2005
BS, Carnegie Mellon, 2005


Brendan Juba

Computer Science & Engineering

Assistant Professor


Brendan Juba's work primarily concerns theoretical approaches to artificial intelligence, founded on the theory of algorithms and computational complexity. In particular, he has worked on algorithms for integrated learning and reasoning (e.g., in common sense reasoning) and on a theory of communication in the absence of standards (introductions available in three lengths, short, medium, and long). His interests also lie in theoretical computer science more broadly construed.


Professor Juba graduated from MIT in September 2010 and subsequently worked as a postdoc under the supervision of Leslie Valiant, PhD, at Harvard until joining Washington University in fall 2014. He had also remained affiliated with MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) as a postdoc with the National Science Foundation's Center for Science of Information through Summer 2012.

Works on algorithms for integrated learning & reasoning in artificial intelligence

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