(314) 935-9447
Brauer Hall, Room 3002

PhD, Purdue University, 2015
BS, Purdue University, 2010

Janie Brennan

Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

Senior Lecturer

Janie Brennan joined the faculty of the Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering at WashU in 2015. From 2010 to 2015, she earned her PhD studying adhesive protein-based biomaterials under Dr. Julie C. Liu at Purdue University. Her current focus is on the use of research-based teaching methods to provide rigorous and engaging learning experiences for her students.

Janie has taught a variety of courses at WashU, including Mathematical Methods, Mass Transfer Operations, Computational Modeling, Bioprocess Engineering, and the Unit Operations Laboratory. In addition, she is the faculty advisor for the WashU iGEM team which participates in an international competition in genetic engineering.

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