John Gleaves

Brauer Hall, Room 1007

PhD, University of Illinois, 1975
MS, University of Illinois, 1972
BS, University of Louisville, 1968


John Gleaves

Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

Associate Professor


John Gleaves's research group is interested in the application of kinetic investigations to catalysts. They investigate both real and model catalyst systems using a battery of analytical techniques.


Professor Gleaves is the Director of the Heterogeneous Kinetics and Particle Chemistry Laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis, and has been involved in heterogeneous catalysis research for twenty-nine years including thirteen years of industrial research.

His areas of expertise include heterogeneous selective oxidation, and the development of novel transient response techniques to study gas-solid catalytic reactions. Professor Gleaves is a co-inventor of the TAP reactor system and developed the commercial TAP reactor system, the TAP high-pressure reactor system, and is the inventor of the TAP-2 reactor system. There are currently 18 TAP reactor systems, designed and/or built by Professor Gleaves operating in academic and industrial laboratories throughout the world.

Co-inventor of the TAP reactor system

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