Jung-Tsung Shen

Green Hall, Room 2120G

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2003

Jung-Tsung Shen

Electrical & Systems Engineering

Associate Professor


Exploiting the unique properties of quantum nano-photonics for applications in quantum communication, computation, and biomedical imaging


J.T. Shen's primary research interest is in exploiting device potential and new material concepts enabled by the capability of manipulating light at subwavelength scales.


Professor Shen received his PhD in Physics in 2003 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he worked on theoretical and computational investigations of electron-hole plasma, laser-gain profile, and metamaterials. Since 2003, Professor Shen worked at Stanford University in the Ginzton Laboratory, focusing on photon transport in nano-photonics, metamaterials, plasmonics, and thermal and energy transport in nano-structures.

Presented a Google Tech Talk: "Fun with Light"

In the News



Shen leads team seeking to improve quantum computationhttps://engineering.wustl.edu/news/Pages/Shen-leads-team-seeking-to-improve-quantum-computation.aspxShen leads team seeking to improve quantum computation
Shen to study quantum light sources with NSF granthttps://engineering.wustl.edu/news/Pages/Shen-to-study-quantum-light-sources-with-NSF-grant.aspxShen to study quantum light sources with NSF grant