Through an organic process of soliciting ideas and aspirations from communities of students, faculty, staff, alumni, industry leaders and other constituencies, a set of 19 proposals to advance the McKelvey School of Engineering were generated.

A collection of white papers, provided as an appendix to the overall plan, were used as the basis of establishing core objectives for the school and for identifying concrete goals and tactics that would help achieve these objectives. Learn more about each objective below, as well as the defined goals to measure and define the school’s success.

Objective I

Provide an undergraduate education experience that promotes independent inquiry, is grounded in fundamentals, affords opportunities for innovation, and leads to successful career outcomes.

Objective II

Achieve internationally recognized contributions in both fundamental and translational research.

Objective III

Develop world-class researchers.

Objective IV

Through research and education, create a positive impact on the local community, the country, and the world.

Objective V

Promote an environment where all faculty and staff are encouraged, empowered, and incentivized to pursue excellence.

Objective VI

Ensure the financial stability and health of the school.