This information is for applicants who have been admitted and have accepted our offer. Please note that we do not require an enrollment deposit at this time.


Official transcripts must be submitted from your degree granting institutions for all undergraduate and graduate coursework. Official transcripts should be sent directly from the issuing institution, or delivered by hand in a stamped, sealed institutional envelope. If your official transcript does not show receipt of the degree earned, you must also send a certificate of graduation (with translation if needed).

Transcripts may be mailed to:

McKelvey School of Engineering at WashU
Attention: McKelvey Registrar
1 Brookings Dr, MSC 1100-122-303
Lopata Hall 303
St. Louis, MO 63130
Phone: 1-314-935-6100

If your institution issues electronic transcripts, your institution should send the electronic transcripts to the McKelvey Engineering Registrar’s at

Form I-20 materials — International applicants only

PhD applicants who have accepted an offer of admission will need to submit the following to secure an I-20.

Master's applicants who have accepted an offer of admission must submit documentation proving sufficient funds are available to support their studies and living expenses. The amount is based on the annual tuition charges plus an estimated cost-of-living figure, as well as an allocation for health insurance and student fees. Master's applicants will be sent the certification amount after the admission offer. Once an applicant accepts their offer of admission, we will send a request for the financial certification materials. Certification materials will not be needed earlier than that time.