Where did you complete your undergraduate degree?
Beijing University of Technology

What played into your decision to get a graduate engineering degree?
I thought the data analytics and statistics program would put more emphasis on practical rather than theoretical.

Why did you pick WashU?
WashU has a quite a good reputation.

What was your favorite course and why?
Technology Strategy and Marketing. The marketing part of the course was taught by Brandon Dempsey. For the final project, we were asked to use all the concepts we learned to create a product (solution) for a company. It is a great practice in integrating all the frameworks we learned and came up with the solution. It is also a great class for engineers to gain basic knowledge about marketing.

Who is your favorite instructor and why?
Peggy MatsonShe is a super responsible program director. She cares about the course evaluation and feedback from students. She always makes sure the course is well-designed to meet students' needs. As a professor, she cares about every single student in her class, she builds connections with them and she will make sure that you always have something to walk away with at the end of each lecture. As a female professor in the engineering field, she is inspiring and a role model for me. The most important, she believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and gave me support to help me get through my hardest time.

Meanwhile, a shout out to Renato Feres, Ozzie Lomax, Brandon Dempsey and Randall Hoven. Thank you so much for being kind, patient, so helpful to me and supporting me to succeed at the end of each semester. I am lucky enough to take their classes.

What advice would you give to a new student?
Go talk to more people, your advisors, your professors and your friends. Their opinions would broaden your horizons. If you have any questions or problems, don't be shy, ask them for help. They are super nice and are willing to help you figure it out. They are here to help you succeed.

What is your favorite thing about St. Louis?
It's a city that's a mix of historical and modern.

What campus activities or groups would you recommend to a new student?
Career Center and Sumers Recreation Center! Go to the Career Center to explore your career interests and prepare for your career path. Don't be afraid of starting early!

Sumers Rec Center is my favorite place on campus! Make sure you go there and work out, take those awesome fitness classes and have fun. It's the best place to relax, keep fit and make more friends at WashU!

Are there any not-for-profit agencies that you have volunteered or worked with?
In my sophomore-year summer, I joined the international volunteer program provided by IJGD, Germany. I volunteered in Calau, a small town in southern Brandenburg, and helped a local family to renovate their sheds and fences. While I was taking the language school in Madison, Wisconsin, I volunteered at a local event held by the City of Madison and also at a local food bank.

What are your plans for the future?
I want to be a person who can connect technical people and non-technical people (customers) in the future. I am hoping that my future job will be related to grok and explain technology and business concepts between technical and non-technical audiences.