Are you performing any research in a lab?

I am working in the Bieschke Lab & Lew Lab: Single-Molecule Super-Resolution Imaging of Amyloid Structures Using Transient Amyloid Binding

Why did you pick WashU?

I was fortunate enough to receive a generous financial aid package which allowed me to attend WashU to pursue the pre-med track.

What was your favorite course and why?

Biochemistry II (Chem 482/Biol 4820). It was a well-taught course, and I found the material really interesting. Much off the content from the course has been applicable for many other classes that I have taken since as well as for my lab research.

Who is your favorite instructor and why?

Gary Patti was the professor for Biochem II, and he made the course really interesting. He explained the material well and made time for students to meet with him and discuss the material.

What advice would you give to a new student?

Don't be afraid to explore other options and pursue potential interests. If you want to work in a lab, contact the professor(s) you're interested in to see if they will take you on. If you're premed, but you think you might be interested in something else, try taking other classes unrelated to the premed track, and you might find something you like more. Don't be afraid to get help for classes, health, or concerns in general. There are a lot of people on campus that would be happy to help.

What is your favorite thing about St. Louis?

I really like Forest Park. It's a great place to run, bike, or just hang out. There's a bunch of stuff to do in the park as well.

What campus activities or groups would you recommend to a new student?

American Red Cross Club and Circle K (for volunteering), Engineering World Health (for designing new stuff, Note: you don't have to be an engineering major to join). Join a few social clubs (Cultural ones, A Cappella, Dance, etc); Whichever ones interest you the most. Intramural or club sports (Would Recommend Ultimate Frisbee-Contra/Contraband)

Do you have any work history? If yes, please describe.

Current positions include Lew lab undergraduate researcher and Engineering Undergraduate Student Services tutor. Past positions include Biochem II academic instructor, Bieschke lab undergraduate researcher and Mathnasium instructor

Are there any not-for-profit agencies that you have volunteered or worked with?

American Red Cross

What are your plans for the future?

I am currently applying for MD/PhD programs to become a physician-scientist to conduct aging-related research and practice geriatric medicine.