Please provide your lab and description of research.
Brain Dynamics and Control Research Lab led by Professor ShiNung Ching. Research areas include systems science, computational neuroscience, control systems and applied mathematics.

Where did you complete your undergraduate degree?
Jadavpur University, India.

What played into your decision to get a graduate engineering degree?
A graduate engineering program takes the quintessential ideas of engineering learned through an undergraduate degree and makes an impact in a practical setup. For instance, you study linear algebra, probability theory, circuit theory, etc. in great details in the four formative years. But here, you get to use that knowledge as a general framework to answer questions pertaining to scientific understanding of how “systems” work. This transformation of learning strategy allows enormous scopes for innovation and development, which has always been a driving force in my decision to get a graduate degree in engineering.

Why did you pick WashU?
WashU provides an excellent opportunity for collaborative research and a welcoming and friendly environment for international students.

What was your favorite course and why?
Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics, and Optimization. These courses were extremely helpful in initiating research-oriented thinking.

Who is your favorite instructor and why?
Prof. ShiNung Ching and Prof. Heinz Schaettler. Their courses allowed me to visualize rigorous and often complicated mathematical theory in an effortless yet systematic way.

What advice would you give to a new student?
Be inquisitive and resilient, and most of all enjoy the experience.

What is your favorite thing about St. Louis?
Forest Park, which is right across the street from the Danforth Campus. I specially enjoy spending time in the Art Museum.

What campus activities or groups would you recommend to a new student?
Association of Graduate Engineering Students (AGES) events and Graduate Professional Council (GPC) events.

Do you have any work history?
I worked for around a year in Fluor Daniel India Private Limited. I worked as an electrical design engineer in my time there.

What are your plans for the future?
Continuing my endeavors of research through positions in industry.