Where did you complete your undergraduate degree?
Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

What played into your decision to get a graduate engineering degree?
I believe as health care continues to evolve, we as professionals need to evolve too. I saw this graduate program as an opportunity to be proactive in facilitating change. Operational Excellence is educating me to be innovative in making strategic decisions, and educates me on processes that manage inefficiencies and eliminate waste.

Why did you pick WashU?
I chose Washington University because I am very passionate about my career and my education. Washington University holds itself to a standard that I really value because the academics are second to none. I wanted to learn from the best.

What was your favorite course and why?
My favorite course was Facilitation Skills/Change Management. This class provided me with the framework to facilitate innovative ideas. It taught me the process behind change management and allowed me to see the big picture. I see my work through a different lens now that I have completed this course.

Who is your favorite instructor and why?
My favorite instructor so far has been Lashonda Griffin. She challenges the class to think outside the box. Her teaching style fostered group discussion and made the connections between the material and the real world.

What advice would you give to a new student?
Join a student group that you identify with so you can share experiences and network.

Do you have any work history? If yes, please describe.
I am the chief nursing officer at Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS). I worked at Barnes Jewish Hospital for 10 years as the clinical nurse manager of an acute care medicine unit and a pulmonary progressive care unit.

What are your plans for the future?
My current and past professional experiences have formed my long-term goal to be in a senior leadership position. I use the term leadership instead of management intentionally. My goal is to be more than a manager; I want to lead change that is strategic and impactful. I want to make decisions that provide realistic outcomes, by transforming processes to be more efficient and qualitative. It is important to me to continue to challenge myself and my colleagues to improve company culture, inclusivity, communication and employee career development.