Study Abroad & International Experiences

McKelvey engineers have multiple opportunities to travel the world and enrich their education through the lens of our global community. From solar energy in Turkey to medical devices in China, students have gained exposure to real-world topics through more than 100 study abroad programs in more than 50 countries.

Study Abroad

Earn academic credit while you embark on an international journey. Contact Melanie Osborn, Senior Assistant Dean of Study Abroad to get started.

Engineering students can study abroad in London, earning six credits toward their degree. Above, students stop for a photo in front of Tower Bridge in London.
Why Study Abroad?

Current Opportunities

University of Queensland
Hong Kong Polytechnic University (BME)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Tsinghua University
Florence (MEMS)
Rome (MEMS-summer)
Goldsmiths (CSE)
King's College London (CSE)
University College London
New Zealand
University of Auckland

University of Edinburgh
RWTH Aachen University (summer research)
South Africa
University of Cape Town
AIT-Budapest (CSE)
Carlos III University
University College Dublin
Trinity College Dublin

Vrije University (CSE)

DIS in Copenhagen (CSE)

International Experiences

Apply to a faculty-led trip and earn academic credit through project discussions, field trips to various organization and labs, engaging in engineering applications at partner universities and more.

2019 Programming:

Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering - Indian Institute of Technology Deli

  • The Indian Institute of Technology Deli International Experience class is open to all undergraduate students (except seniors) in good standing.
  • The faculty coordinators for the 2019/20 class are Mr. Ray Ehrhard and Professor Rajan Chakrabarty.
  • Applications are due September 25, 2019. Application forms are available in Brauer Hall, Room 1015, or by contacting Ray Ehrhard.
  • Trip fee is $3,000 and includes airfare, transportation lodging, some group meals, tours, and University activities.
  • Send an email to Mr. Ray Ehrhard ( if you are interested or need more information.
  • Classroom discussions involve topics that reach beyond borders, such as health, energy, environment and climate change, security, hunger, inequality and poverty; and with WashU students from around the globe and faculty who conduct research that touches every corner of the world, WashU engineers understand how you can be a local person but have a global impact.


  • Pre-visit orientation meetings & seminars
  • Visit to IIT Delhi India tentatively December 27, 2019 - January 9, 2020
  • Experience New Delhi India and surrounding areas
  • Lectures and research project tours at IIT and other institutions
  • Industry tours in bio-technology, petrochemical, environmental engineering science, and others.


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