WUachieve is the University-wide replacement for DARS (Degree Audit and Reporting System).

Quick Steps for Running a WUachieve Degree Audit

  1. Follow the link wuachieve.wustl.edu and log in with your WUSTL Key ID and password.
  2. Students: after logging in, you will be immediately presented with the last (outdated) audit run against your student record. Always run a new audit.
    1. Students: more information can be found at the help site.
  3. Advisors: after logging in click Continue when presented with the "Select a School" page (it is not necessary to select anything from the dropdown menu).
    1. Click Students and enter an ID or search by student name.
    2. Select your advisee and continue. You will be immediately presented with the last (outdated) audit run for the student. Always use the Request Audit button to run a new audit!
    3. Click Run Declared Programs.
  4. Wait a few seconds for the audit to run and click View Audit for the newly run audit that appears at the top of the list.
    1. Advisors, find additional information under the settings menu (upper right) by clicking Help.

Unlike DARS, WUachieve includes second degrees, minors, second majors and graduate (master's and doctoral) programs. WUachieve uses real-time data. Schedule changes should appear immediately after a new audit is run.

For Engineering students graduating in May 2016, DARS is the system of record (access DARS via the links below). WUachieve will become the official system of record subsequently. Final determination regarding degree completion is always at the discretion of the McKelvey School of Engineering.

Questions? Comments? Email engineering-wuachieve@wustl.edu