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​Thesis & Dissertation Submissions

Steps Required

  1. Format your thesis/dissertation – Master’s and DSc students must submit a draft (PDF or WORD version) of their thesis/dissertation (prior to any submission of final copies) to in order to receive a pre-approval on the basic formatting. This must be done by the published deadlines on the academic calendar. PhD students do NOT need to follow this practice of receiving an initial format approval, but they should check the Doctoral Dissertation Guide for specific requirements. All engineering-based graduate students may make use of the Engineering DSc and Master's Thesis Format Guideline templates available in WORD or LaTex format. (NOTE: Full formatting details, as well as submission procedures, are outlined in these templates. )
  2. Final oral defense – A graduate student must successfully defend his or her thesis/dissertation. A thesis/dissertation acceptance form must be completed and signed by all committee members before proceeding further with submission of final materials for publication. The student’s departmental administrative assistant will make copies of the acceptance form and send the original form to the Registrar’s office.
  3. Electronic submission – After format approval, the student must select the appropriate option below to electronically submit the finished material.
  4. Hardcopy submission – After submitting the material electronically, Master's and DSc students will need to submit physical copies.
    1. Three hardcopies should be submitted unless the department advises otherwise (i.e., one for the advisor, one for the departmental library, and one courtesy copy for the student). The final copies can be double-sided on 8.5 x 11 inch white paper and minimum 20-pound weight. (Most printer and copier paper qualify, but a high-quality watermarked or 10-25% cotton paper is recommended.) Print should be letter quality.
    2. Copies submitted should not be bound, stapled, clipped or hole-punched.
    3. Each copy should be placed in a separate unsealed manila envelope with a copy of the short title page securely taped to the outside of each envelope. (See last page of DSc and Master's Thesis Format Guidelines for sample copy of a short title page with instructions.)
    4. Master’s and DSc students should submit the hardcopies to Engineering Student Services located in Lopata Hall, Room 303. These unbound copies will be returned professionally bound several months later to the department for distribution.

    5. NOTE TO DOCTORAL STUDENTS: Doctoral students must also submit an online Survey of Earned Doctorates form. The completion of this survey is a graduation requirement, so please plan to complete the survey prior to the dissertation deadline. All PhD students should see the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences website and forms for complete details and requirements.

Graduate Student Services

Lopata Hall, Room 203
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. (CST)