Chemistry Diagnostic Exam & Requirements

Most undergraduate engineering degrees require a minimum sequence of chemistry courses. Normally, only biomedical and chemical engineering students take chemistry during their first year, and students majoring in other areas of engineering take one semester of chemistry during their sophomore year. If you are not sure what area of engineering you want to pursue, but are considering Biomedical or Chemical engineering, you should take chemistry during your first semester.

Washington University offers two chemistry sequences. If you are pursuing Biomedical Engineering, you must take L07 111A/151 and L07 112A/152.

Both of the Chemistry sequences fulfill ABET and pre-medical application requirements.

Students in L07 111A and 105 enroll in lab L07 151.

The basic pre-requisites of the two sequences are:
Chem 105/106—Two years of high school math and one year of high school physics or chemistry

Chem 111A/112A—AP Chemistry or two years of high school chemistry OR one year of high school chemistry AND one year of high school physics.

If you have questions about which course sequence is best for you, consult your four year advisor.

  • CHEM (L07) 111A: General Chemistry I (3 units) - offered only FALL semester
  • CHEM (L07) 105: Introductory General Chemistry I (3 units) - offered only FALL
  • CHEM (L07) 151: General Chemistry Laboratory I (2 units) - offered only FALL
  • CHEM (L07) 112A: General Chemistry II (3 units) - offered only SPRING
  • CHEM (L07) 106: Introductory General Chemistry II (3 units) - Offered only SPRING
  • CHEM (L07) 152: General Chemistry Laboratory II (2 units) - offered only SPRING

AP Credit for Chemistry

Chemistry Online Diagnostic Exam Details

Dear First-Year Student,

All first-year students registering for Introductory General Chemistry I (Chemistry 105) and General Chemistry I (Chemistry 111A) in the fall are expected to take the online chemistry diagnostic exam between June 10, 2019 and August 5, 2019. Before you take the exam you should review the online tutorial and practice problems. The objectives of the online diagnostic exam and tutorial are:

  • To assess if Chem 111A/112A is the optimal course sequence for you (vs. Chem 105/106), so that you obtain helpful placement advice from us.
  • To identify students who may benefit supplementary resources at WU such as POGIL-style recitation sections and peer-led team learning (PLTL) study groups.

The tutorial and diagnostic exam are available online. You will need your six-digit WU student ID number to access this diagnostic exam, but no password is required. If you have questions about your student ID number or any problems logging onto the website please, please contact Dr. Jia Luo via e-mail ( or phone (314-935-4163). Contact by email is preferred.


William E. Buhro, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Chemistry
George E. Pake Professor in Arts & Science

Regina F. Frey, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry
Florence Moog Professor of STEM Education