Create a class schedule

Steps for viewing courses in online Course Listings

  • Select Listing from top menu, under By Semester
  • Select FL2019 semester
  • Select the school offering the course you want to take, then select the department
    (e.g., chemistry, math, physics, humanities and social science courses are offered by Arts & Sciences)
  • You will then see a listing of courses offered by that department
  • Look to the right to see # of seats and # currently enrolled or on "wait list"
  • Click Details to view the course description, course attributes and other information.


  • All courses will have at least one section; sections are identified by number, starting with "01."
  • Some courses also have sub-sections or labs/discussion-groups that are identified from "A-Z."
  • When sub-sections/labs exist, you must sign up for both a main section number and one of the sub-sections/labs.

It is best to begin your course list by listing those courses that have only one lecture section. Next, list those courses that have two lecture sections, and so on.

In most cases, one lecture section is equivalent to another. If a section has a special purpose, it will be noted in the course description. Many courses have laboratory sections or discussion sections in addition to lecture sections. You must also register for these additional sections if a course has them.

For each course you plan to take, start by making a list of all of the available lecture sections (with open seats) and lab sections (if a course has lab sections). Your list should include:

  • Course name (Department number and course number are also needed.)
  • Section number
  • Days and times each section meets

Registration Worksheet

WebSTAC includes a Registration Worksheet that can be helpful for planning your schedule. It alerts students to conflicts and overlapping class times. NOTE: Entering courses in this worksheet does not register you for these classes. The worksheet is a planning tool and additional steps are required for registration.

  • Log into WebSTAC using your WUSTL key
  • Select Course Listings from the left menu in WebSTAC
  • Select the Semester, School and Department for the course(s) you want to add to the RWS
  • Hover your cursor over the Actions row, or if using a touchscreen, tap the Actions row in the days/times window for each course you select
  • Click RWS 1st or RWS 2nd link to indicate first or second choice
  • Go back to the WebSTAC menu and select Registration Worksheet to see your course selections

OR you may choose to fill out the Registration Worksheet (RWS) as shown below:

  • Select "Registration Worksheet" from the left menu in WebSTAC
  • For each course you wish to add to your worksheet, you will need:
    • Department Code (example: "E60")
    • Course Number (example: "120")
    • Section Number (example: "01")
    • Lab Section or Subsection, if applicable (example: "A")

Below is an example of a completed Registration Worksheet

example of a completed Registration Worksheet

After creating a list of courses or filling in your Registration Worksheet in WebSTAC, follow instructions for Using WebSTAC to Register.