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​First-Year Student Registration Guide​

​Welcome #WashUEngineers! This guide is designed for fall 2017 entrants.

E​ngineering Student Services — located in Lopata Hall, Room 303 — will guide you through the registration process.​

Note to parents

The end of senior year and preparation for college is a busy time for every family. We realize it is sometimes easier for a parent to make a call on behalf of your student to verify information about the upcoming first semester; however, once their summer vacation begins, it would help us begin to establish a relationship with your son or daughter if you could encourage him or her to make that call or send that e-mail.

As we advise and support your students through their four years in Engineering, one of our important roles is encourage their independence and their efforts in new endeavors. Engineering Student Services will help connect them to resources and review their class schedules but we will also push for their autonomous work in developing faculty relationships, connecting with the Career Center and getting involved in other campus activities.

We are pleased to be your partner in launching your daughter or son into the WashU community. We want to hear from you if there is a serious family or personal matter that will affect your student but we feel that it is important that our primary relationship must always be with your son or daughter. We appreciate your help in encouraging your son or daughter to self-advocate.

  • You will be assigned a four-year advisor from the office of Engineering Student Services and his/her name is listed on WebSTAC.

  • After you have logged into WebSTAC, you can see the name of your advisor by choosing the "Advisor" link on the left side of the screen.
  • For more information about your transition to campus, visit the First Year Center.