English Proficiency Requirement

All McKelvey Engineering students are required to take the Engineering English Proficiency Placement Examination online this summer. The exam will be available Monday, July 15 – Monday, August 5. The results of the placement examination will be given to you before registration begins for the spring semester.

Every student must demonstrate proficiency in the reading and writing of the English language. First-year Engineering students are given an opportunity to take a writing placement exam during the summer before they arrive to campus. Proficiency can be demonstrated by satisfactory performance on this writing placement exam administered by the McKelvey School of Engineering. Waivers of the English proficiency requirement via the writing placement exam do not carry degree credit.

Students who do not demonstrate satisfactory proficiency via the writing placement exam are required to enroll in a course or sequence of courses specified by the test's administrator. The school's English proficiency requirement is then satisfied only by a grade of C- or better in one of the themed college writing courses developed by the College Writing Program.

Before enrolling in one of the College Writing Program themed courses, some students may be required to complete CWP 1511 Critical Reading and Analytical Writing, CWP 1001 Fundamentals of Academic Writing or CWP 200 Writing Tutorial.

Courses taken at other institutions to satisfy the English proficiency requirement must be approved by the school's English proficiency coordinator. If the course is so approved, the student must pass with a grade of C- or better.