General Registration Information

WebSTAC: Via this website, you can register for classes, view grades, check meal plan points, review account activity and more.

Registration Dates: First-Year Registration will be held on July 9, July 10, and July 11. Please check your WebSTAC account for your individual registration date and time. Also remember to check your WUSTL e-mail for all important information regarding registration.


You will use your WUSTL Key login credentials at many important WU web sites, including WebSTAC (for registration), to access email, Student Health Services and Student Financial Services

  • WUSTL Key activation information is emailed to incoming first-year students by the Office of the University Registrar. WUSTL Key activation emails are delivered to the email address listed on the Common Application. These notices go out on a rolling basis starting around May 1st
  • If you did not receive your WUSTL Key activation email, contact the Office of the University Registrar at or 314-935-5959
  • If you already created your WUSTL Key but have forgotten it, you can retrieve your login ID and/or password by going online to, from the WebSTAC login screen and most other login screens where your WUSTL Key is accepted
  • Please log into WebSTAC to ensure your access

Registration Process

For the registration process, you will be assisted by your four-year advisor in Engineering Undergraduate Student Services. His/her name will be listed on WebSTAC as your advisor.

After you have logged into WebSTAC, you can see the name of your four-year advisor by clicking on the "Advisor" link on the left side of the screen. Please feel free to contact your four-year advisor if you have any questions about course selection or registration.

Some questions and issues cannot be resolved until you arrive on campus for orientation. There is sufficient time to resolve all issues and be fully registered before classes begin. For example, lab sections in chemistry and physics do not meet until the second week of classes. It is normal for students to be "waitlisted" in some courses.

What if my course is full?

The most common registration error arises when students try to enroll in a section that is full. Both the lecture and subsection/laboratory section must have seats available. Please refer to the online course listings to view the enrollment limits and available seats in each section.

Chemistry Courses
If you are unable to register for a subsection or laboratory section that you truly need, register in an open laboratory section (even if it poses a conflict with your schedule). If you have such a conflict, contact your four-year advisor in Engineering Student Services by phone or email. Please provide your name and student ID number as well as why you need to be enrolled in the closed section. Your four-year advisor can work with the Chemistry department to resolve the issue.

Math Courses
If you are unable to register for a discussion section that you truly need, still register in an open discussion section (even if it poses a conflict with your schedule). If you have such a conflict, e-mail Blake Thornton in Mathematics immediately, and tell him why you need to be enrolled in a specific closed section.

Physics 197

If you are unable to register for a lecture/lab section that fits your schedule, select an open section (even if it poses a conflict with your schedule). If a seat opens up in a section you prefer, you can modify your enrollment on WebSTAC. Be sure to select the Change (CHG) option and not the Drop option, so you don't lose your seat in the lecture course in the process of making a change to your schedule. Lab sections will not begin until after Labor Day, so there will be time to resolve any lab scheduling conflicts once you arrive on campus. Details will be provided in lecture on the first day of class. If you have additional questions, please e-mail Mairin Hynes in Physics.

Other Courses

Courses which are not specifically required (e.g., humanities/social sciences, elective engineering courses) may fill before you register. For these filled courses you will need to choose other courses. The registration system is designed so that as you progress through your four years on campus your registration “priority” moves higher (i.e., earlier). Some of the more popular courses in Arts & Sciences fill during the first day that seniors are allowed to register, and you may have to wait that long before you can enroll in them. Also, for some courses, priority is given to departmental majors (e.g., some art courses) and you may be allowed to enroll in these courses only by departmental approval after evaluation of the waitlist.