Mathematics Placement Exams & Requirements

Mathematics Courses

Nearly all Engineering first-year students will take one of the following math courses during their first semester (listed in sequential order):

  • Math (L24 131): Calculus I (3 units)
  • Math (L24 132): Calculus II (3 units)
  • Math (L24 233): Calculus III (3 units)
  • Math (L24 217): Differential Equations (3 units)
  • Math (L24 309): Matrix Algebra (3 units)

AP Credit for Mathematics

The purpose of high school AP classes is not solely to accumulate advanced credit, but to build a solid foundation for college work. A strong start to university course work is essential to your college career. In fact, our research shows your performance in your first math class is a strong indicator of your future success in engineering courses.

Please follow the AP guidelines from the Math department. If you have concerns about placement for registration, contact your four year advisor in Engineering Undergraduate Student Services.

For more information about Math Placement, visit the Math department's website.

A solid foundation in calculus is critical for all of your engineering courses.